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The Italian Cultural Insitutes in the World


The Italian Cultural Insitutes in the World

Located in principal cities on five continents, the Italian Cultural Institutes are ideal meeting places for intellectuals and artists, for professionals working with cultural organizations and events, and for members of the public interested in culture. The Institutes serve both citizens of their host countries and Italian citizens who wish to commence or maintain a rapport with our country.

Propelling a wide range of cultural initiatives and events, the Institutes offer a taste of Italy and a source for up-to-date information on the Country. They have become an essential point of reference for Italian collectives abroad and for the growing demand for Italian culture which is evident around the world.

Supporting activities already being carried out by Embassies and Consulates, the Italian Cultural Institutes identify the most appropriate methods of promoting Italy as a center of conservation, production, and cultural diffusion from classical times to the present. In addition to organizing cultural events in fields such as art, music, cinema, theater, dance, fashion, design, and photography, the Italian Cultural Institutes:

  • offer courses organized by the Institutes and access to the Institutes’ libraries to people interested in learning about Italian language and culture
  • arrange contacts and venues to facilitate the involvement of Italian cultural operators in cultural exchanges and productions at an international level
  • provide information and logistical support to public and private cultural operators from both Italy and the host country
  • support initiatives that favor intercultural dialogue based on principles of democracy and international solidarity

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